Cotswolds in Connecticut

The original house, built in the early 1930s, had several unsympathetic additions in the 1970s and 1980s. Our task was to take the warren of clustered rooms and unify the circulation and architectural language of the home.

Along with minor additions for an expanded bedroom, screened porch and gym, was the challenge of an indoor half-sized basketball court to be added to the house. The solution here was to sink it into the ground three feet and treat the architecture as a preexisting barn connected to the house with a transparent breezeway.



Beyond the Gate
American Classic
House on the Pond
House in the Historic Village
Dune Cottage
Hamptons Summer House
Shingle Style Overlooking Beach
Lakeside Country House
A Nod to 1880’s Shingle
House Overlooking the Meadow
Small Gem in the Fields
North Shore Carriage House
Stone Splendor on the Sound
Contemporary Shingle on the Sound
Tidal River View
Above the Dunes
Sea Grass on the Bay
Shingle Style on the Point
European Splendor on Connecticut Shore
Island Haven
Scott’s Cove Waterfront