Old Stone New Light

With a goal of preserving the original structure’s Gothic Stone Carriage house and remnants of a well-designed rose garden, this project is a prime personification of APD Architecture & Design’s founding mission – to respect each site’s built and natural contexts. The long-standing cottage was set to champion the entire build, despite being only one-third of the size of the new addition. By clipping the original structure, via entryway and stair circulation, the old stone transitions from exterior to interior flawlessly. This thoughtful approach ensures the staircase is grounded in the home’s history, making it the perfect centerpiece of the space as it evolves from old to new.

The new structure’s aesthetic, which is modern and clean with large, industrial sash windows, was intended to gift each section of the house with radiant, natural light and sweeping views of the garden, nearby saltwater pond and harbor. In line with modernizing the entire property, the auto court was crafted to complement the cottage gable – by mirroring its shape in the detached garage – while still creating plenty of space for parking and storage. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this home is a luxurious juxtaposition of old and new, home and garden, classic and modern.

Photographer: Hulya Kolabas
Contractor: EK Construction LLC



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