Crafts Inspired House on the River

Our first challenge in designing a residence for this 2.7-acre site, perched high above Westport’s Saugatuck River but close to highways, was to open it to stunning views of the River while obscuring the nearby presence of traffic. We positioned the house so that it addresses the River’s mouth and expanded a stand of trees to obscure the noise and ungainly sight of traffic. The setting now accommodates all the homeowners’ outdoor interests: terraced gardens, a pool with pool house, tennis court, range for golf putting and a deep-water dock.

This three-story American Craftsman style house, now a spacious 7,074 square feet, proved ideal for the hilly setting. A variety of rooflines and volumes, a hallmark of the Arts & Crafts style, fulfilled the owner’s desire for ample water views from numerous rooms. Craftsman materials of stucco and native Connecticut granite require little maintenance on this exposed site. And Craftsman detailing on the interiors abounds: oak timber frames, woodwork joints and pegs, wooden screen panels and vertical planking.



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