Stuart Disston: What Lies Beneath

Stuart Disston, Senior Principal of APD, made his Quogue Gallery debut this summer, with his stunning multi-media exhibition “What Lies Beneath”. The 14 featured pieces explore the themes of fragility, temporality, and the ability to endure through his complex painting surfaces, often incised, ripped or torn, or, in contrast, cut with surgical precision. Heat releases a flow of pigment, melded into the grey toned skin of the surface layer. The result is an array of beautiful color, worn and torn grasses, tree bark, sky and ocean, colorful confetti from a slashed surface, and precisely cut fall leaves. These works are an ode to his beginnings as an artist, and importantly, an ode to his journey to present day.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing Stuart Disston’s artwork, please get in touch.