Light Box on the Bay

Situated within the salt marshes, the volumes of this house play off of opacity and transparency. The “Light Box,” to the west end, houses a two-story glass enclosed living space. It is intersected by a corrugated cedar volume that allows for more intimate spaces of the kitchen and dining space under it. 

One enters the house from below and is drawn through to the vertical space of the stair which  floats on a steel center beam. Ascending three stories, one arrives on a diagonal to the two-story living room and is presented with sweeping views of the salt marsh to the west and south. Upon another set of stairs,  the same expansive view is met but from a different vantage point of the angled balcony. 

Terraced plazas connect the house to the outdoors from the southern marsh side, to the northern landscaped side. The pool and outdoor kitchen are on the north side. The pool has a spillway that cascades down to the entry level below so that visitors can see the water-flow through the three-story stair window upon entering.  



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